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Games Catalogue


Candy Bubble Blast Small Banner

Candy Bubble Blast


Help little Suzie get some sweets! Try out the candy machines, but watch out for tricky ones! Many game modes and achievements to enjoy!

Triple Candy Small Banner

Triple Candy


Prepare the biggest feast possible! Combine triplets of candies to create a super candy. Each two of the three candies should be adjacent to other, horizontally or vertically. Careful planning is the key to success!

Fast Light Pro Small Banner

Fast Light Pro


Use your phone as a source of light. The greatest thing about Fast Light Pro is that its bright, light and always in your pocket.

Jewel Bubbles 2 Small Banner

Jewel Bubbles 2


Test your tactical skills in the brand new turn-based modes of this classic bubble matching game! Many levels with different challenges and new bomb combinations. Complete all the levels to earn the surprise bonus.

Pro Tennis 2014 Small Banner

Pro Tennis 2014


Show off your best tennis shots in four most prestigious tournaments of the year and become top player of the world!

Zombie Chase 2 Small Banner

Zombie Chase 2


Zombies are invading the wild west! Grab your guns and protect innocent people from those pesky lifeless folk. Upgrade your guns, equip yourself or hire some help. Don`t get killed! Outnumbered, but never outgunned!

Sudoku Temple Small Banner

Sudoku Temple


Sudoku addict? Or new to sudoku? Let the guru guide you! Play the classic puzzle with numbers anytime, anyplace!

Candy Casino - Slot Machine Small Banner

Candy Casino - Slot Machine


Hit the sweet jackpot in Candy Casino! Taste the deliciously addictive slot machine! Your fortune awaits!

Zombies and Guns Small Banner

Zombies and Guns


A free zombie shooter game from the Wild West! A zombie infection attacked your town! You can stop the infection only when you shoot all the undead to the hell!

Crazy Xmas Jewel Small Banner

Crazy Xmas Jewel


Xmas are back and time for crazy explosive fun is here! Match any three fun Xmas decorations to make them explode in this fast paced festive game. Can you match more to create a chain reaction? Step up to the challenge!

Jewel Explosion 2 Small Banner

Jewel Explosion 2


Try this tactical twist on the classic match 3 game. Tired of time-limited games? Try turn-based! Lots of fun game variations to try, can you beat your hi-score?

Bubblex Mania 2 Small Banner

Bubblex Mania 2


Help Maggie the Jellyfish rescue the little fish trapped in the bubbles! Shoot matching coloured balls to pop the bubbles and release them. Find more friends to help with your quest.

Stronghold Defender Small Banner

Stronghold Defender


The stronghold is being attacked by hordes of fierce monsters! Can a single wizard stop them all? Grab your staff and cast some spells to see if you're powerful enough!

Pizza Ninja 2 Small Banner

Pizza Ninja 2


Maro's kitchen is getting wild! Entertain the customers by chopping the ingredients flying through the air, hanging off balloons or in cupboards!

Bang Bang Balloons! Small Banner

Bang Bang Balloons!


Balloon alert! Help the bees to overcome balloon invasion and pop as many balloons as you can! Unlock new levels and achieve the highest star rating!

Bubble Fever Small Banner

Bubble Fever


The task is quite simple: join at least three bubbles of the same colour and let them pop. Sixty-second time limit means that a game is a wonderful relax for a lunch break, morning coffee or afternoon siesta.