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Games Catalogue


2048 MANIA! Small Banner

2048 MANIA!


The popular number sliding puzzle by Gabriele Cirulli now available also for your mobile! Combine the numbers to get to 2048!

Fruit Casino Slot Machine Small Banner

Fruit Casino Slot Machine


Action and logic games are not for you? Then try out Fruit Casino, the slot machine! No worries, just trying out your luck if you can hit the jackpot!

Jewel Explosion 3 Small Banner

Jewel Explosion 3


Jewel Explosion 2 is back with beautiful new gems to match and power-ups to unlock. Brand new levels and challenges in this smash match 3 classic

Jewel Warriors Small Banner

Jewel Warriors


A dangerous wandering for the liberation of the kingdom is ahead of you. Connect the stones and use their power to beat your rivals. Various tricks, magic wands and vials are at your disposal. In the shop, you can improve your characteristics and equipment in exchange for the collected coins.

2in1 Arcade Pack Small Banner

2in1 Arcade Pack


Bubble X Slice: Help the little sea creatures break free from the bubbles! Slice each bubble to pop it and release each one. Gigajump: Fire the mad inventor, Justin the beaver, off on a crazy jumping journey. Collect coins and special inventions along the way to help him reach even higher!

Pizza Ninja 3 Small Banner

Pizza Ninja 3


Chopping frenzy in Maro's pizzeria again! Orders are still whizzing in and ingredients need chopping! The kitchen needs a ninja hero! Collect bonuses and test your skills with different game modes !

Tubby Birds Small Banner

Tubby Birds


Tubby the Bird can't fly on his own! He needs your help. Can you help him to fly to infinity?

Super Pocket Football 2014 Small Banner

Super Pocket Football 2014


Can't wait for championship? Try out your soccer skills in this pocket retro classic! Compete for cup glory against a range of international opponents in the tournament and bring your favourite team to the top!

FootBallz Mania 2014 Small Banner

FootBallz Mania 2014


Do you like games with balls? Play our new game “Footballz Mania 2014 Mania 2014!” – the addictive football arcade game for everyone!

Soccer Run 2014 Small Banner

Soccer Run 2014


Make your soccer superstar run as far as possible in this fun filled football based running game!

Sports Fan Sound Box 2014 Small Banner

Sports Fan Sound Box 2014


Give your team or country the support they deserve with this collection of crazy sports sounds!

Sports Match 2014 Small Banner

Sports Match 2014


Match the sports and claim International Sports Glory in this mind-training card game!

Candy Bubble Splash Small Banner

Candy Bubble Splash


Help little Suzie get some sweets! Try out the candy machines, but watch out for tricky ones! Many game modes and achievements to enjoy!

Triple Candy Small Banner

Triple Candy


Prepare the biggest feast possible! Combine triplets of candies to create a super candy. Each two of the three candies should be adjacent to other, horizontally or vertically. Careful planning is the key to success!

Fast Light Pro Small Banner

Fast Light Pro


Use your phone as a source of light. The greatest thing about Fast Light Pro is that its bright, light and always in your pocket.

Jewel Bubbles 2 Small Banner

Jewel Bubbles 2


Test your tactical skills in the brand new turn-based modes of this classic bubble matching game! Many levels with different challenges and new bomb combinations. Complete all the levels to earn the surprise bonus.